Narcisa Hirsch

Narcisa Hirsch
(ARG 2014, Dir: Daniela Muttis)

Narcisa Hirsch is considered a pioneer of experimental film in the context of the "Argentine Avant-garde", which devoted itself to radical aesthetic ventures in the mid-1960s. Over several decades, the native German has (born 1928 in Berlin) built up a body of work that covers a conceptual and aesthetic spectrum achieved by few other film-makers in Latin America. Having actively participated in artistic happenings and experiments, Hirsch positioned herself as a cross-genre film-maker in the 1970s, adopting a political perspective on gender issues. She paved the way for a new generation of experimental women film-makers through the poetic impulse that characterizes her images.

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Documentary film, ARG 2014, 61’, Dir: Daniela Muttis
Introduction: Sven Pötting (

Shortfilms by Narcisa Hirsch
Art-house film, ARG 1983, 10’, Dir: Narcisa Hirsch

Art-house film, ARG 2005, 1’, Dir: Narcisa Hirsch

La noche bengali
Art-house film, ARG 1980, 7‘, Dir: Narcisa Hirsch, Werner Nekes

Art-house film, ARG 1967, 8’, Dir: Narcisa Hirsch