Yarn ... Good Light Is Essential

Hungary 2006, Animation, 3' | Director, Screenplay, DoP, 2D Character Animator, Sound Réka Gacs | Music Matt Golden, Dizko Stu

A woman is always waiting for the One. On a lonely night, she is in a nostalgic mood and the One has not yet arrived ... what is there to do?
Computer-based drawn animation in black and white.


RÉKA GACS was born 1977 in Budapest. In 2001, she graduated from the Faculty of Animation at the Hungarian University of Art and Design in Budapest. After her degree, she worked both as an art teacher at the university and as a freelance animator and graphic designer. In 2005, she enrolled for an MA in Animation at the Royal College of Art in London , from where she graduated in 2007 with the film Nothing Happened Today.

Réka Gacs
Animation, Short Film