Porn Punk Poetry

Germany 2014, 40', Feature Film
Maurice Hübner
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg |



Damon is 27 years old, tattooed, sports a Mohawk haircut and works as a prostitute. Actually, at his age, he is almost too old for all of this and soon he will have to decide whether to remain part of that milieu and eventually destroy himself or find a way out. When he meets Emma, a young Russian woman, he falls in love with her, but he cannot dispel the callousness acquired over the past years … and he rejects her. Only when she confronts him with a stark choice does he sum up the courage to leave his old life and stand by her.

The verdict of the jury "Finding images corresponds to our desire for freedom – only so can I surprise myself. And it is precisely in the work of Julia Hönemann that this sensuousness is to be found. Thanks to her use of photocomposition and resolution, she finds a discrete visual language for each scene: static settings for the moments of coldness and detachment, softer camera movement and panning shots for the moments of affection and tenderness. The colour dramaturgy is also precisely worked out: on the one hand, Hönemann paints the protagonist‘s inner conflict within the contexts of relationshipless sex work in blue-red contrasts; on the other hand, for the approachable empathetic scenes with Emma, she chooses warmer hues. These decisions never come over as intellectual but are, instead, evidence of a lightness of touch and a sure sense of emotional direction for the realisation of the story."

Award Winner in the Competition for Women Directors of Photography

Maurice Hübner
Feature Film
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