Einmal in der Woche schrein

GDR 1982, 17' | Director, Screenplay Günter Jordan | DoP Michael Lösche | Editor Dieter Körner, Hans-Jürgen Mittag | Sound Jürgen Abel | Music Pankow

See and be seen. In this Film, produced in the GDR, Boys and girls meet up in East Berlin's Helmholtzplatz, a small municipal garden. They chat, drive their mopeds and eye up the opposite sex. They plan a party at Willi's disco on their own initiative. Over bread & dripping and East German Club Cola, they have a good time together and listen to the music loud. The song Einmal in der Woche schrein (Yell Once a Week) by rock band Pankow acts as a soundtrack to the film. Its lyrics reflect the desire of the teenagers for freedom and the chance to determine their lives. "Who wants to walk on a leash? I want to think for myself, see for myself", the words go. Since this did not exactly meet official approval at the time or the policy of how young people in the DDR should be portrayed on screen, the film was banned. Only in 1989, on special application by the director, was it given its first release.


Günter Jordan was born in 1941. After studying Slavic studies, history and education, he completed a special course in film direction at the then Potsdam-Babelsberg TV & Film College. From 1989 to 1986, he worked at the DEFA , mainly with a group that concentrated on documentary films for children. He has been making films on a freelance basis since 1991.

Günter Jordan
Documentary, Short Film
School Film