Other Girls

Finland 2015, 83', Feature Film
Esa Illi
EastWest Filmdistribution | www.eastwest-distribution.com



18-year-old Jessica is going through the trials and tribulations of being in love for the first time. For the lucky young guy she followed all the way to Sweden however, she was just an adventurous episode. Unlike her punk friend Aino: bullied since childhood due to her rather chubby stature, she's buried herself in a hive of activity, creating a kind of wall to stave off all feelings of loneliness. Smart Marco, an outsider at school, tries all he knows to break through Jessica's wall. Taru, the creative one of the four girlfriends, lives like there is no tomorrow. When she unintentionally gets pregnant, her excessive and destructive lifestyle reaches a crossroad. And Jenny, the calmest of the group, falls desperately in love with her best friend.

Other Girls depicts the growing pains of four girls on the threshold of adulthood in an emotional and authentic style not without surprises. The film's script is based on the video diaries of four Finnish girls, and Illi's fresh and colourful film brings the experiences described to life. The director uses animation sequences that jump out of the heads of the protagonists to depict the overarching theme of the film – the moments when life deals out some real kicks. The realistic coming-of-age story is nominated for the Jussi Awards, the Finnish equivalent of the Oscars.

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Esa Illi
Feature Film
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