Woman See Lot of Things

The Netherlands 2006, Documentary, 63' | Director, Screenplay, Sound, Music Meira Asher | DoP Flashkes Hila | Editor Patrick Janssen

Three former child soldiers who fought in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Anita, a volunteer and military nurse, turned to weapons when her father and sister died in combat. For their part, Mahade and Chris - like so many others - were dragged into training camps, raped and forced to kill. War continues to hold its terrible grip: the memory of grief and brutality will not go away.

Chris was attending primary school when, in 1998, she was raped by rebels belonging to the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and abducted. A commander takes her as his "wife" and she gives birth. As a soldier, to satisfy her superior officers, she once cut out the live foetus from the womb of the mother. "Op stampin stomach" is what they called it. An ever-recurring nightmare.

With their "rebel babies" in tow, the girl soldiers who have survived hell are rejected by most of their people and partly by their own parents too. Following her escape, Chris manages to find refuge with two widows and starts school again. Auxiliary Nurse Anita wants to set up a home for war orphans. Mahade ekes out a living as a prostitute.

In this experimental documentary film Woman See Lot Of Things, Chris, Anita and Mahade use story-telling and re-enactment to tackle the demons of their dark past as victims and perpetrators. And as they narrate how they came to commit torture, they attempt to describe the indescribable.

Director Meira Asher employs an aesthetic highly unusual for this genre at both picture and sound level.


Musician, performance artist and film-maker MEIRA ASHER was born 1964 in Tel Aviv and now lives in the Netherlands. She studied music, song and dance, partly in India and Ghana. At the California Institute of the Arts Los Angeles, she graduated in percussion and interdisciplinary art. In 2001, together with image-and-sound artist Guy Harries, she founded the bodylab art foundation in The Hague with the aim of supporting art projects. In 2002, she gained a Master's Degree in Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. In addition to her artistic activities, she runs music workshops for children and adults.

Meira Asher