Present Tense, country focus 2014
(Dir: Belmin Söylemez, TR 2012)

Nowadays, the borders between the arthouse film and mainstream culture are fluid. Strategies for a successful juxtapositioning of the two strands can be achieved by presenting carefully curated programmes where the films are placed within a given context - i.e. not shown in arbitrary order.

Here the IWFF Dortmund│Cologne takes two clear approaches …

- tackling current aesthetic and theoretical debates with a view of film history narrated from the perspective of women, this to help establish a "feminist film memory";

- acting as a platform for the presentation of new trends and current topics.

From 19 - 24 April 2016 we will present around 100 current film productions made by women filmmakers: International new discoveries, debut feature films, documentaries, experimental films, current lesbian, queer and transgender films.

Besides the competitions, the main sections of the festival are Panorama, desired! - film lust & queer and a country focus.