(c) Stefanie Levers

Animation-Workshop in the Easter Holidays for Girls over ten years

How does my personal cinematic Hero look like?
What makes her special? How can I visualize this?
How does she become real in an animation-movie?

The Animation-Workshop at the Dortmund | Cologne International Women’s Film Festival offers young women over the age of ten an orientation weekend geared to job prospects in the film industry. In addition to providing a review of the participants’ own films, the Workshop facilitates encounters with women specialists from all walks of film life – such as direction, cinematography, screenplay, editing and sound design. It’s also an excellent chance to share experience of the films shown at the festival and, pivotally, take part in a theme-based practice day which makes for another perspective on the world of film.

»... I saw some really super films, made by women, that boosted my confidence no end ... «
» … the Workshop was fantastic and the list of festivals very helpful – I am now 100% resolved to look for a career in film direction, plus which I have seen some wonderful films.«

(former participants)

The Workshop will be held in german Language.