Don't Get Me Wrong (Nu te supara, dar...)

Romania 2007, Documentary, 50' | Director, Screenplay Adina Pintilie | DoP Sorin Gociu | Editor, Sound Ligia Smarandache | Production, Distribution Aristoteles Workshop Association

Alexander: I am a supernatural being.
Ocsy: That's ... I don't believe it ... I don't believe it. I cannot believe in this thing, don't get me wrong but this cannot be.
Alexander: Don't get me wrong but I'll explain it to you. I can communicate through these waves. Do you understand these phenomena?
Ocsy: I understand very well ...
Alexander: And that's how I can influence rain with my thoughts.
Ocsy: Yes, yes ...

In her prize-winning documentary film Nu te supara, dar..., Adina Pintilie accompanies two psychiatric patients who have daily tasks that they conduct with great charm and dignity. Alexander can stop the rain and is expecting a Nobel Prize in Physics. Ocsy sweeps the church stairs every day and talks to the Lord God personally. Thus the days fly by between the routine and endless discussions about life, death and the weather report. A world in which time trickles away rather like stones falling on one another ? a self-sufficient universe almost, one that defies all general logic. What is normal anyway and what isn't?
Seemingly absurd activities are invested with another, deeply emotional significance. Plus, we cannot help but recognise ourselves as Alexander and Ocsy make their ever-recurring remarks.

Nu te supara, dar... was shot in just eight days against the background of a workshop held by the "Aristoteles Workshop Association", an organisation supported by ARTE (the Franco-German TV arts channel). The AWA's main aim is to promote the next generation of documentary film-makers in Central and Eastern Europe.


Adina Pintilie was born 1980 in Bucharest where, since 2001, she has been studying screenplay, film history and direction at the I.L. Caragiale National Theatre and Film University. She has taken part in various international workshops and film pitching contests, including Berlin Talent Campus and Sarajevo. Following several short films, Nu te supara tu... is Adina Pintilie's first longer work.

Adina Pintilie