The Yes Men Are Revolting

USA/Germany/France/Denmark/The Netherlands 2014, 92', Documentary
Laura Nix, The Yes Men (Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno)
Chinephil, Phillippa Kowarsky |



They are the superstars of the protest movement in the USA. For 15 years now, these infamous activists known as The Yes Men have been staging entertaining but, above all, provocative actions. In their bid to debunk and stir things up, they expose corporations, lobby groups and governments alike. Armed with second-hand suits and little sense of shame, these revolutionaries sneak into business events and government functions to mock the »greed-is-cool« culture and show up the negative consequences of globalisation.

After ten years or so of commitment and creative stunts, the two leading representatives of the New York anti-globalization scene are ready to draw a balance. The current climate policy, they reckon, will result in disaster sooner than later. Paradoxically, however, any far-reaching reactions have been few and far between. On the contrary, the commercial exploitation of the planet is reaching new dimensions fast – despite our awareness of the impending catastrophe. Given the absurdity of this situation, even the Yes Men are beginning to have doubts about the meaningfulness of their commitment.

Where should a radical overthrow of the system begin? How can the masses be mobilised for a more equitable society? And how can we keep our motivation going – in view of our apparent powerlessness against the machine and in view of only minimal success over the years? As we get older, a retreat into private happiness thus seems more and more tempting.

Unlike the first two episodes, this documentary goes personal: The Yes Men Are Revolting shows what the people behind the actions are really like and conveys a message of hope that change is possible if we fight for it.

USA/Germany/France/Denmark/The Netherlands
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