Belgium 2010, 17' | Director, Screenplay Anne Leclercq | DoP Raúl Fernandez | Sound Arnaud Riedinger | Music Pierre Kissling | Production Jean-Yves Roubin, Michel Dutry | Distribution Frakas Productions

She wants to fit in, but she also wants to preserve her integrity. A young woman finds herself unexpectedly thrust into a space time continuum running in fast forward. Alone in this accelerated world she confronts a city emptied of inhabitants and amenities.


Anne Leclercq was born in Brussels in 1975. She studied fine arts and film. After working in television, she went on to work as an actor and set designer in the theatre. She has directed a number of self-produced films and animations. Before Dissonance, she made an animated short: Désanimée (Unwilling).


Films by Anne Leclercq
Désanimée 2007

Anne Leclercq
Short Film
Focus: Now What