Love Island

Croatia/Bosnia and Herzegowina 2014, 86', Feature Film
Jasmila Žbanic
Port au Prince |



»We, the people from the Balkans tend to take our past way too seriously and are experience it in a mythological way. In Love Island, I wanted to see the past as a seductive woman who comes on a day when she’s least expected and certainly not wanted.«

Jasmila Žbanić

Grebo and Liliane, his highly pregnant wife, are spending their holidays off the Adriatic Coast in Croatia. Totally relaxed, they sunbathe, swim, eat and canoodle the day away until Flora arrives. Well, this beautiful and tough woman, who seems to attract everybody, throws lives into disarray. Grebo too is instantly drawn to the diving instructor, unaware of the secret that binds her with Liliane. But, at least here on the island, secrets do not remain hidden for long as an unusual relationship carousel takes its course.

This new fast-paced film by the Golden Bear-winner is a gay love triangle which, from beginning to end is full of surprises. Replete with much colour and an ironic look at Balkan clichés, Jasmila Žbanić tells the story of a young family in emotional chaos. Ms Žbanić wrote the screenplay to Love Island together with acclaimed director and novelist Aleksandar Hemon. It’s her first comedy and harks back to the classic American screwball movies. A summer comedy about modern relationships in Croatia, a plea for openness and change.

Jasmila Žbanic
Croatia/Bosnia and Herzegowina
Feature Film
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