The Difference (La Différence)

Switzerland 1999, Animation, 9' | Director, Realization Rita Küng

In a bar: a somewhat disconsolate figure at the bar, bent over her wine glass, with red lips, stubble and ample chest hair spilling over a low neckline. Infatuated glances towards the barman, who carries on his work, oblivious. And then desire takes shape after all ...

An amusing and brilliantly staged game about appearances and reality, about love and narcissism. Rita Küng's rousing and masterfully drawn animation (black outline drawings with water-colour surfaces) deals playfully with roles and identities.


Swiss-born Rita Küng, born in 1970, studied Computer/Video Animation at the School of Art and Design (HGKZ) Lucerne. Since 1997, she has worked freelance as a visual designer and animation film-maker.

Rita Küng
Animation, Short Film
desired! - film lust & queer