Still the Water

Spain/France/Japan 2014, 118', Feature Film
Naomi Kawase
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»I would like spectators to realize that we human beings are not the centre of all things. We are but one part of a cycle in nature. I must construct a story where the conclusion is that this immense cycle – inside of which all of us exist – is of divine essence.«

Naomi Kawase

Kaito and his girlfriend Kyoko live on the subtropical island of Amami Ōshima. Together, the two teenagers experience nature, community and sexual awakening – against an immediate background of family dramas. Kaito’s father has recently left the family. Kyoko’s mother is dying, her sick bed lodged under a hundred-year-old tree in the garden. The death of the mother in the bosom of family, accompanied by the traditional song of the neighbours, is one of the most beautiful and touching scenes in the film. People’s lives lived in harmony with nature, sensuality, spirituality, mourning and leave-taking are important aspects in in the work of Naomi Kawase. And this poetic opus Still the Water, exploring the eternal cycle of life and death, is no exception.

Naomi Kawase
Feature Film
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