Kleine Nazi, Der

Germany 2010, 15', Director, Screenplay Petra Lüschow | DoP Stefan Grandinetti | Sound Samuel Schmidt | Cast Chistine Schorn, Oliver Stokowski, Steffi Kühnert, Maria Wardzinska, David Wachsmannn, Amon Wendel | Production Alexandra and Meike Kordes, Kordes & Kordes Film GmbH

The Wölkel family wants to celebrate Christmas with Grandma, as they do every year – but there are some shocking surprises to be unwrapped at this traditional German Christmas party: Grandma Wölkel has revived the Nazi Christmas of her childhood. Maybe this shouldn't be such a major problem, but today of all days, the family is expecting an Israeli guest: and the last thing the Wölkel family wants is to be seen as Nazis. Only an unexpected coincidence helps the family to deny the truth.


Petra Lüschow is a writer and script editor. She studied literature and the arts, followed by dramaturgy and scriptwriting at the Film and Television University “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam. Since then she has written numerous cinema and television films, including the script for the cinema adaptation of the novel Tannöd. Since 2005 she has also worked as a script editor and lecturer for scriptwriting at film schools in Berlin and Cologne. The Little Nazi is her first work as a director.

Petra Lüschow
Short Film
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