International Tourism

France/North Korea 2014, 48', Documentary
Marie Voignier



Marie Voigner sets off on a group tour of North Korea and visits museums, artists’ studios, film studios and chemical factories. What she gets to see is nothing but a show, as big as the country itself – an orchestrated propaganda tour from start to finish. Marie Voigner records her visit. But how can you film a country that never allows uncensored pictures to leave the country?

We watch the tour guides present memorial sites, and listen to background noises in various settings, but the characters’ speech is curiously absent. The director has turned off their voices and added a sound universe that is entirely detached from the images. In this eerie tone, the tour guides’ efforts fade into nothingness and reveal the constraints of the regime all the more blatantly. Using this clever tactic, International Tourism succeeds in undermining the image machine in a country that is constantly trying to present itself in a certain way.

Marie Voignier
France, North Korea
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