Death By Scrabble

Great Britain 2007, Animation, 5' | Director, DoP, Editor Katie Steed | Screenplay Charlie Fish, Katie Steed | Sound Aaron Wood | Music Verbal Vigilante | Production, Distribution Slurpy Studios

Death by Scrabble tells the story of a couple who hate each other after years of marriage. They escape their feelings through routine: each day they play scrabble. Until one day their words become reality. A power struggle across the board begins. “I had been planning on making a film about a fish, because I'd done a watercolour of a Koi Carp and wanted to see it move. So I typed in to Google "Short story fish" and was presented with a short story about a game of scrabble between a husband and wife by a man called Charlie Fish. I fell in love with the story as soon as I read it …” Katie Steed


Katie Steed studied at the University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury. Together with Aaron Wood, she founded Slurpy Studiosin 2007, a production company for animation and web design. Death by Scrabble was nominated for the Royal Television Award. Steed's film The Best Day We Ever Had can also be seen in the programme of the IFFF Dortmund | Cologne 2009.

Katie Steed
Great Britain
Animation, Short Film
Focus: Freedom