Germany 2006, Feature film, 90' | Director Angelina Maccarone | DoP Bernd Meiners | Screenplay Susanne Billig | Sound Dirk Homann | Cast Maren Kroymann, Kostja Ullmann, Moritz Grove, Sila Sahin, Ada Laahn, Markus Völlenklee, Stephanie Charlotta Koetz, Sophie Rogall | Production Ulrike Zimmermann | Distribution mmm Film Verleih

»In artistic black-and-white images, the director narrates a bold, sadomasochistic story in mercilessly hard tones. Maren Kroymann fascinates as a 52-year-old woman as she embarks on a dangerously intensive liaison with a 16-year-old boy. A film of shocking openness.«
Die Welt

Elsa Seifert (Maren Kroymann) is a successful probation officer who is completely absorbed in her work. She lives with Raimar, father of Daniela, the daughter they have brought up together. When Daniela leaves home, Elsa's everyday life begins to falter. She no longer sees the point in routines that have been established for decades. Instead she becomes receptive to anything that may promise her a new and intensive awareness of life. When young offender Jan becomes her new charge, Elsa sees herself surrendering to his blatant offer to submit himself to her sexually. She is drawn into something from which she cannot escape, getting involved in an adventure with Jan. They both celebrate and play out their desires, which helps to create their very own sexual cosmos. Her life becomes increasingly derailed.

Director Angelina Maccarone says about her work: »It was important for me to implement those things that I found to be ›true‹ in the script. Elsa and Jan are no SM specialists, there is an air of discovery about their encounters. They explore for themselves and for the other person how far they can go and where this will lead. (...) The paradox is: the greater the courage to open up and show oneself, the less it all turns into navel-gazing. Truthfulness leaves shame in its wake. With Maren I knew that it would work, because she has the courage to do this.«


ANGELINA MACCARONE started out as a writer of song texts – including some for Udo Lindenberg – before writing screenplays for television and later on for the cinema. Her works have been invited to numerous national and international festivals and have received many awards. For Verfolgt, she won a Golden Leopard in 2006 at the Locarno film festival. Angelina Maccarone will also giving the audience in Dortmund an insight into her film work, her ideas and her work philosophy, in the context of a Werkstattgesprächs [workshop discussion].

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Angelina Maccarone
Feature Film