Copy City

Great Britain 2008, 5' | Director, Screenplay, Animation Denise Hauser | DoP Claudio Rietti | Sound Henning Knoepfel | Cast Julia Reimann | Production, Distribution Royal College of Art

An experimental exploration of marginal worlds.


Denise Hauser is a Swiss animation director and film-maker. She divides her time between work on commercial projects and producing independent films with other artists and designers. Graduated from the Royal College of Art in London with an M.A. in Animation.


Films by Denise Hauser (Selection)
Rapunzel 2008
Bags 2008
Animated Wrapping Paper 2008
6x7 2007
Everything Is Alright 2006
Nokia 2006
MTV Ident 2006
Les Cannibales 2005

Denise Hauser
Great Britain
Animation, Short Film
Focus: Now What