Imaging an Image

The Punk Singer
(Dir: Sini Anderson, USA 2013)

We can get the picture quickly. And we've also become fast at taking pictures. But do we now see things any more clearly?

Kathleen Hanna, feminist activist and lead singer of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, was known in the 1990s as the voice of the Riot Grrrl movement. The film
The Punk Singer follows its main figure through her now 20-year career, showing never-before-seen footage onstage and backstage.

Photography as a souvenir, as evidence, as deception, as propaganda. Here in Imaging the Image, Stefanie Schroeder matter-of-factly documents what ends photography can serve. Laure Prouvost, on the other hand, confounds possible expectations and creates in her films a unique sensually visual language: a draught of air, an aroma, a breath. Swallow seduces its audience and challenges cinematic conventions.

Fragments of TV advertising: In Primus Tempus, the tempting suddenly takes on something sinister. Come and be seduced!

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The Punk Singer - A Film about Kathleen Hanna
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