Cool Hands, Warm Heart

USA 1979, 16' | Director, Screenplay, DoP, Editor, Sound, Production Su Friedrich | Cast Sally Eckoff, Jennifer MacDonald, Rose Maurer , Marty Pottenger, Donna Allegra Simms

Private matters become a public spectacle: on a busy street, women celebrate daily female rituals such as shaving their legs and armpits, or hairdressing. One of them tries to oppose this routine … Su Friedrich filmed this study about voyeurism, habit, assimilation and rebellion in the streets of the Lower East Side in New York. Her film First Comes Love can also be seen at this year's Dortmund | Cologne IFFF in the Film Night I Roar for Freedom.


Su Friedrich has been a seminal figure of Queer Cinema since the late 70s. Her films combine narrative, documentary and experimental elements and often deal with the role of women, family and homosexuality in American society.

Su Friedrich
Experimental Film, Short Film
Focus: Freedom