The Colour of Olives (El Color de los Olivos)

Mexico 2006, Documentary, 97' | Director, Screenplay Carolina Rivas | DoP, Editor, Sound Daoud Sarhandi | Production, Distribution Creadores Contemporáneos

With its contemplative tone and haunting images, The Color of Olives may be the most peaceful documentary ever to arrive from a war zone. The New York Times The eight members of the Palestinian Amer family live not far from Tel Aviv in the West Bank. Their house is surrounded by the wall separating the Palestinian sector from Israel. Electric fences and armed soldiers dominate their daily life. But they don't want to give up their land. To reach their olive grove, the Amers have to pass through a number of border posts. Four kilometres become 20 kilometres. The children are taken to school by a border patrol. Sometimes stones are thrown over from a nearby Jewish settlement. Carolina Rivas and Daoud Sarhandi document life under Israeli occupation with an unobtrusive camera and little dialogue. Intertitles reveal the inner life of the protagonists. El color de los olivos is a film about putting up with suffering and about isolation, but also a reflection on man's connection to the soil and to the country of Palestine.


After studying literature and graduating in Theatre Studies, Carolina Rivas studied at the Mexican film school Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (CUEC-UNAM), where she specialised in scriptwriting and direction. With cameraman, photographer, producer and film editor Daoud Sarhandi she founded the production company Creadores Contemporáneos. Rivas and Sarhandi are currently working on their first feature film.

Carolina Rivas
Focus: Freedom