Catalogue of Birds

Great Britain 2006, 15' | Director, Screenplay, Editor Jayne Parker | DoP Jayne Parker, Belinda Parsons | Sound John Aderton | Music Olivier Messiaen | Production Maya Vision International | Distribution LUX

"Catalogue of Birds: Book 3 _ The Tawny Owl and the Woodlark" is an interpretation of Olivier Messiaen's music for piano played by Katherina Wolpe.

"The imagery and music evoke the habitat and song of these nocturnal birds. Filmed in black and white, symbolic of the cycle of life and death, the owl is a harbinger of transformation, mediating between two worlds, the seen and unseen, the physical and spiritual. From the terror of night, the forest opens to grassland and we hear in the music the transcendent song of the lark.?
Jayne Parker


Based in London, Jayne Parker is an artist and film-maker whose work has been shown internationally in major art institutions, on television and in film and music festivals. Her interest in film-making began whilst studying sculpture at Canterbury College of Art and continued at the Slade School of Fine Art where she now teaches. Much of her recent work features the performance of music.

Jayne Parker
Great Britain
Experimental, Short Film