Candy Kisses

Canada 2009, 3', Director, Realization Allyson Mitchell | Distribution Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

Two girls going through a break-up try to avoid bitter drama and embrace the sweetness of why they liked each other in the first place.
Through stop-motion animation their hearts burst and candy tears fill the screen to perform a sad crazy dance.


Allyson Mitchell was awarded a doctorate in Woman's Studies from New York University for a thesis on Fat Women, Power and Space. Today she teaches Cultural Studies there. As an artist she creates mainly sculptures, installations and films. Since 1997, she has associated feminism with pop culture and is involved, often playfully, with the issues of sexuality, autobiography and bodies, frequently using recycled textiles and forgotten arts and crafts techniques. Her works are exhibited all over the world, whether huge sculptures or small knotted or crocheted objects. She writes, plays music and gives lectures (on lesbian graffiti among other things), and she is also a committed fat activist and queer activist. Also by her in the programme: My Life in 5 Minutes.

Allyson Mitchell
Animation, Short Film
desired! film lust & queer