We Don’t Want to Marry

Canada 2013, 2’ | Director, Screenplay, DoP, Editor Coral Short | Music New York Drag March | Cast Masha Nehls | Contact Groupe Intervention Vidéo

Masha Nehls does unspeakably delicious things to a giant wedding cake while the New York City Drag March chants in the background. This film celebrates the lack of desire to marry as well as the continuation of living rich queer lives full of many forms of enticing platonic and sexual kinship that have never needed any government approval.

Coral Short is an international performance, sound, and video artist. Humour, fantasy, and transformation are integral components within Short's practice. Her work bridges the gap between nightlife and fine art, harnessing the collective imagination of her communities. Her work helps to map the new queer generation’s identity and power. Coral Short currently resides in Montreal and New York.

Coral Short
Short Film
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