Vulva 3.0 – Between Taboo and Fine-Tuning

Germany 2014, Documentary, 79’ | Director Claudia Richarz, Ulrike Zimmermann | Screenplay Ulrike Zimmermann | DoP Claudia Richarz | Editor Daniela Boch, Antje Lass | Sound Thomas Sorig, César Fernandéz, Shinya Kitamura, Gregor Steinweg, Raphael Rumpf, Timo Selengia | Music Roland Musolff | Production MMM Film Zimmermann & Co GmbH | Distribution lauramedia

»›Showing the vulva scares off bears and lions, makes wheat grow higher, calms storm tides and demons fear it. The devil runs away. Showing the vulva can save the world. The vulva is omnipotent.‹ This powerful image of the female genitals is not anchored in our imagination.« Claudia Richarz, Ulrike Zimmermann

While nudity seems no longer taboo, the presentation of the female genitals continues to irritate and various bans have been imposed on it. Decades of retouching in the media, anti-pornography campaigns and aniconistic bans have led to a public image of the vulva that is far from reality. A concept of ideal beauty that is invisibility prevails.

Vulva 3.0 is all about the representation and modelling of the female genitals, anatomical errors as well as the beauty and uniqueness of the female pleasure organ. Thanks to their comprehensive and objective research into the history of this part of the female anatomy in the 21st century, the directors illuminate all aspects of the topic – from sex education to censorship and from retouching »shapeless« labia in pornographic images to the work of activists against genital mutilation, thus celebrating in that process the diversity of female bodies.

Claudia Richarz, born 1955, graduated from the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg with a degree in visual communication. She has been making documentaries in different formats for many years. In 2000, the ten-part WDR/arte series Abnehmen in Essen received the Adolf Grimme Award.

Ulrike Zimmermann was born 1960 in Hamburg. She took her degree in film at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg in 1988. She founded MMM Film Production in 1989 and has since worked as a production manager, line producer and independent producer.


Claudia Richarz, Ulrike Zimmermann