Untitled (Plan for Victory)

Switzerland 2006, Experimental, 1' | Director, SCreenplay, Sound, Production Elodie Pong | DoP Simon Jaquemet | Editor Rafael Sommerhalder

The words - Plan for Victory - sprayed in the snow are erased by an avalanche ...


The works of US-born video artist ELODIE PONG are shown at exhibitions and festivals around the world. In 2006, her video Je suis une bombe received the Swiss Art Award, first prize at the Videoex Film Festival and the Canton of Zurich Art Award. She was granted a studio residency at the Binz39 studio Foundation in Zurich from 2006 to 2008. In 2007, she published three books: Samples, Cahier d'artiste and a text entitled We Are Knights on the Trajectories of a Post-everything Era. Elodie Pong lives and works in Zurich.

Elodie Pong
Experimental, Short Film