Germany 2007, Experimental, 7' | Director, DoP Inger Schwarz | Screenplay, Editor Kerstin Schleppegrell, Inger Schwarz | Sound, Music Kim Hannah Hörbe, Ins A Kromminga | Cast Kerstin Schleppegrell | Production Kerstin Schleppegrell

In this melancholy Super 8 science fiction film, Umbrella, a humanoid being is stranded on an island where it confronts a monster in silky camouflage. Metamorphosed, they infect the world in a flurry of beauty and chaos.


KERSTIN SCHLEPPEGRELL made video films in the 90's together with Nathalie Percillier. Since 2003 she has been working with Inger Schwarz. She lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg.

INGER SCHWARZ has been making Super 8 films since 1992. She works as a Dj and filmmaker in Hamburg and Berlin.

Umbrella is their second film in collaboration.

Inger Schwarz
Experimental, Short Film
desired! film lust & queer