Postcards | Razglednice

Croatia 2013, Experimental, 23’ | Director Ana Hušman | DoP Ivan Slipc ́evic ́ | Editor Iva Kraljevic ́ | Sound Ana Hušman, Gs BraTJa, Tomislav Domes | Music Tomislav Domes, Nenad Romic ́ for Novyi Byte | Production Ana Hušman, Pangolin | Distrbution Bonobostudio

Among the methods a textbook for learning Croatian as a foreign language recommends are: role playing, reading aloud, the staging of fairy tales and plays or writing postcards. The book, dating from 1968, is aimed mainly at the Croatian diaspora in the USA and concerns the visit of an émigré family to Croatia in order to introduce their children to their »cultural heritage«. In Razglednice, director Ana Hušman falls back on the dialogues and methods set out in the text book and has them performed by amateur actors and professional actors.

Born 1977, Ana Hušman studied multimedia and art education at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in Croatia, graduated in 2002 and now works there in the Department of Animated Film & New Media. She exhibits regularly at solo and group exhibitions. Her films have been screened at many international film festivals and received several awards. Nogomed, Rucak and Plac have all been shown at past Dortmund | Cologne International Women's Film Festivals.

Ana Hušman
Experimentalfilm, Short Film