USA 2012, 9’ | Director, DoP, Editor, Sound, Production Lauren Feiring | Cast Alyson Bowles, Damien Bowles

Shot entirely on Super 8, Lauren Feiring follows in her film Oscillare Alyson Bowles as she struggles to transition from male to female in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. Set against an impressionistic backdrop, she encounters Alyson and her son among remnants of the golden dream. Alyson's inner landscape is traced over abandoned fields, fast food parking lots, and the sun- bleached borderlands between reality and desire. As Alyson guides her son through this desolate landscape, ubiquitous icons of Southern California serve as a visual metaphor for her internal, eternal limbo.

Lauren Feiring was born and raised in the Inland Empire region and lives in Brooklyn. She is currently working on a multi-media project on women with PCOS, as well as a short documentary that traces her grandmother's migration from Mexico to the states, and the bilingual bridge she forged through music.

Lauren Feiring
Short Film, Documentary
desired! - film lust & queer