The Lone Wolf (Ujku i Vetmuar)

Kosovo 2009, Documentary, 20' | Director, Screenplay, Editor Antoneta Kastrati | DoP Sevdije Kastrati, Casey Cooper Johnson, Fatos Lajci | Sound Casey Cooper Johnson | Production Crossing Bridges Productions

The story of Fatos Lajci and his struggle against the destruction of his environment. He grew up with his brother in the Rugova Mountains of Kosovo. But following his brother's death in the war, Fatos Lajci as a film-maker and activist went on to meticulously document the illegal logging operations and used the footage to confront a corrupt government. His spiritual and respectful relationship with nature is in stark contrast to his frustration with post-war politics.


ANTONETA KASTRATI recently graduated in journalism and communications. Has been making documentary films in Kosovo since 2000. Is a co-founder of Crossing Bridges Productions Pristina, which makes documentaries and TV reports exploring social issues and women's rights in Kosovo. Her works have been shown at many international film festivals.

Antoneta Kastrati
Documentary, Short Film
Focus: Around the Balkans