New Report

USA 2005, 12’ | Director, Cast, Realisation Wynne Greenwood, K8 Hardy | Distribution Video Data Bank Chicago

Wynne Greenwood and K8 Hardy are reporters at WKRH − a feminist news station whose tagline is »pregnant with information«. As Henry Irigaray (Hardy) and Henry Stein- Acker-Hill (Greenwood), the two lesbian feminist artists investigates how news is made and received, while restating the spaces, crises, and histories that deserve to be publicly considered.

Wynne Greenwood is a queer feminist artist working with video, performance, music, sculpture and installation. After studying video production and art history she began performing the art-band tracy + the plastics in 1999. K8 Hardy is an artist and performer whose work has been included in exhibitions worldwide. She is a co-founder of the queer feminist collective LTTR and also organizes performances, events and screenings. Hardy has been making experimental film and video since 1998.

Wynne Greenwood, K8 Hardy
Short Film
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