Ich war hier | Jag har varit här | I’ve Been Here

Sweden 2012, Documentary, 14’ | Director, Screenplay Sarasvati Shrestha | Production Neo Publishing AB, Sarasvati Shrestha | Co-Production Swedish Television | Distribution Swedish Film Institute

»You don’t always have to be like the others,« says Tyra. The 13-year-old loves to march to a different tune and savour every moment. Young, intrepid and colourful, Tyra wants to make herself heard. Seeing herself as a political activist, she tells it how it is. Sarasvati Shrestha’s film gives us an insight into the mind of a 13-year-old. A story of liberation, dreams and having the courage to stand up for your ideas and for yourself.

Sarasvati Shrestha is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden, working in the fields of music, dance, performance art and film.

Sarasvati Shrestha
School Film