Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst

Germany 2012, 10’ | Director, Screenplay Alexandra Nebel | DoP Anna Raettig | Editor Kevin Steiner | Soundtrack Hüseyin Köroglu | Cast Kira Donner, Ueli Saluz, Nike Fuhrmann | Production, Distribution Flussaufwärts Film

The imaginative Mia persuades the shy Ingo to play »I spy with my little eye« in the kitchen. Slowly but surely, the real world of a children’s game and the cartoon world of a marine adventure begin to merge.

Alexandra Nebel studied visual arts at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences, including a film class with Uwe Schrader. She has since worked as a freelance artist, director, author and photographer. In 2009, along with cinematographer Anna Raettig, she founded the Flussaufwärts film production company.

Alexandra Nebel
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