Broken Lines

Great Britain 2008, Feature film, 112', Director Sallie Aprahamian | Screenplay Dan Fredenburgh, Doraly Rosa and Dan Fredenburgh | DoP Jean-Louis Bompoint | Editor Brand Thumim | Sound Tim Barker, Robert Farr and Mark Paterson | Music Laura Rossi | Cast Paul Bettany, Dan Fredenburgh, Doraly Rosa, Olivia Williams, Harriet Walter, Nathan Constance and Rita Tushingham | Production Aria Films, Axiom Films and Matador Pictures

Jake, a young man of Jewish origins, is working for a successful property development company, and lives with his fiancée Zoe in a wealthy suburban house which her father had bought for them. The sudden death of Jake's father brings mixed emotions for Jake. He attends the funeral but feels unable to stay at the shiva (wake) - mainly because he is still angry with his mother for her infidelity, which he believes destroyed his father's happiness. When Jake meets Becca called B, a waitress in a local café, he finds himself drawn to her. She too is in a relationship - with ex-boxer Chester, who is semi-paralysed from a stroke he suffered after a bout and who now needs permanent care and attention. B starts to become guilty about the growing affection she feels for Jake.

In her directorial debut, Sallie Aprahamian has crafted an emotionally engaging drama that explores how loyalty, when tested by a greater force, is little more than a brittle veneer over a broken relationship. The ethnically diverse and constantly evolving nature of London's metropolis is the perfect backdrop to the drama. The script was written by the main actors: Dan Fredenburgh and Doraly Rosa. Broken Lines was first shown at the Venice Film Festival 2009.

German premiere


Sallie Aprahamian is one of England's most gifted television directors. Her body of work includes many critically acclaimed shows. Prior to her success in television, she directed over thirty productions of new work in theatre for a wide range of companies. She developed and directed the critically acclaimed Blue Night in the Heart of the West by James Stock, which won the George Devine Award. Broken Lines is Sallie's feature film debut.

Sallie Aprahamian
Great Britain
Feature Film
Debut Feature Film Competition