Construction Beyoğlu | Şantiye Beyoğlu

Turkey 2012, 5’ | Director, Realisation, Contact Meral Candan

»Taksim has turned into a massive construction site. Because of the Topçu Kışlası project, Taksim Gezi Park will be destroyed. Memories get lost with each tree cut down, each store evacuated and each building demolished. Gaps, excavators and fence are now parts of daily life at Taksim. Plus which we are expected to live in this situation and even to admire it. But as various NGOs say, Project Taksim is a depopulisation project.« Meral Candan

Şantiye Beyoğlu was completed at the end of 2012, just a few months before the first Gezi Park protests.

Meral Candan was born 1982 in Istanbul. She graduated from Marmara University, lives in Istanbul and carries out interviews for Bianet, an independent press agency operating in Turkey. She is also studying for a master’s degree in cinema at Bilgi University in Istanbul.

Belma Baş
Short Film
Focus: Turkey