A Unique Boutique

USA 2013, 10’ | Director, Realisation, Contact Shana Moulton

»There is a store in Fresno, California, near where I grew up, called A Unique Boutique. I was always intrigued by the name, it seemed very French. For me a gift shop or boutique has the potential of being a springboard for one’s fantasies and desires.«
Shana Moulton

Over the last ten years, Shana Moulton has created the alter ego of Cynthia for her videos and deconstructs consumer- oriented promises of cures and treatments in a pop culture get-up.

Shana Moulton, a video and performance artist, has been screened and exhibited internationally – mostly on account of her ongoing project entitled Whispering Pines. She studied at the University of California, Berkeley (BFA 1999), Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (MFA 2004), the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture in Skowhegan and at De Ateliers in The Netherlands. In 2013, her Restless Leg Saga was shown at the festival.

Shana Moulton
Short Film