Great Britain 2007, 10' | Director, Screenplay, Editor Yasmin Fedda | DoP Veera Lehto | Sound Marcelo De Oliveira | Production, Distribution Scottish Documentary Institute

A busy day at the Garvald bakery in Edinburgh. Twelve assistants with various learning disabilities work there. Yasmin Fedda shows the social relationships between the bakers as they interact with one another using a variety of speech and sign systems.

Breadmakers was made in cooperation with "Bridging the Gap", a film promotion scheme organised by the "Scottish Documentary Institute".


Yasmin Fedda is of Lebanese and Canadian descent. She studied visual anthropology at the University of Manchester. Her graduation piece about a desert monastery in central Syria has already been shown at numerous festivals around the world. In addition to projects in the USA and the Middle East, Yasmin Fedda has run a film workshop in Newcastle, England, for young asylum seekers. Her films come in the cinéma vérité tradition. Her role models are Jean Rouche and Peter Brosens.

Yasmin Fedda
Great Britain
Documentary, Short Film