Boyz like us

Germany 2007, 15' | Director, Screenplay Rexi Tom Weller | DoP Anke Hense | Editor Danielle Styron, Martina Pille | Sound Nico Bergmann | Cast Lea Lux, Rolf Berg, Lilian Bennet Janus | Production, Distribution Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln

Soldiers Kramer and Malaki are left behind by their unit in an idyllic trench, calmly waiting for the enemy. But although no enemy is in sight, sure enough Kramer - despite his camouflage battledress and exemplary military behaviour - manages to land between the fronts of performative identity and the military's own homophobia, and ultimately pays the price for his gender trouble.
Rexi Tom Weller describes Boyz Like Us as a queer critique of military film.


Rexi Tom Weller, born in 1974, studied to be a teacher of sport, german and history and then took a postgraduate course at the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, in the Film/Television faculty. Tom Rexi Weller is active in youth media work, is a co-publisher of the Drag King magazine Die Krone & ich and as an author and filmdirector.

Rexi Tom Weller
Short Film
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