Germany 2012, Documentary, 29’ | Regie Bettina Timm, Alexander Riedel | DoP Philip Vogt | Editor Frank Müller | Sound Hannes Ullmann | Music Antun Opic | Production Pelle Film for ZDF/3sat - Fremde Kinder | Distribution ZDF/3sat

Kiran wants nothing but normality: to go to an ordinary school, to learn to read and to do homework. With his mother, though, he is growing up in an alternative environment, their home being a yurt in the Pyrenees. He knows how to grow salad, which plants taste good and which ones you’d better not eat. Yet he has no idea what’s on TV in the evening and cannot handle a computer. At the school he goes to now, there’s lots of dancing, singing and praying. Kiran feels pretty understretched.

Bettina Timm and Alexander Riedel studied at the University of Television& Film in Munich. Bettina Timm's graduation film Ich koch was premièred at the Hof Film Festival 2010. Alexander Riedel completed his studies in 2007 with the film Draussen bleiben. In 2000, the two founded the company Pelle Film. They work as directors and producers in Munich, Germany.

Bettina Timm, Alexander Riedel
School Film