Der blaue Tiger | Modrýtygr

Germany/Slowakia/Czech Republik 2012, Feature film, 90’ | Director Petr Oukropec | Screenplay Tereza Horváthová, Petr Oukropec | DoP Klaus Fuxjager | Editor Jakub Hejna | Sound Jan Cenek | Music Jakub Kudlác & Markus Aust | Cast Linda Votrubová, Jakub Wunsch, Jan Hartl, Daniel Drewes | Production Negativ in Koproduktion mit Blinker Filmproduktion, Arina Film (Slowakei) sowieCeská Televize, RTV, UPP | Distribution farbfilm verleih

The old botanical garden is like a forgotten island in the middle of town. Johanna lives there with her mother and her best friend Mathias, son of Flower, the taciturn gardener. Johanna loves the plants and animals that inhabit her green home. In her imagination, everything is alive and wonderful things can happen. At school, however, she doesn’t have it easy: neither with her classmates nor with a mean teacher. When Mayor Rýp wants to have the garden of paradise dug up – in order to build an Entertainment Centre – Johanna is shocked. Feverishly, she and Mathias work on a plan to save their home. Then, one night, a small, blue tiger turns up in town. It looks as if only he can manage to prevent the garden from demolition. First of all, though, it’s up to Johanna and Mathias to protect the tiger from the Mayor.

Petr Oukropec was born 1975 in Prague. In 1995, he co-founded Negative s.r.o., one of the leading film production companies in the Czech Republic. To date, Negative has produced more than 30 feature films. Mr Oukropec also works as a producer and as an advisor in the production department at the Film & TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). He completed Modrý tygr, his debut film as a director, in 2012. He is a member of the European Film Academy.

Petr Oukropec
Germany/Slowakia/Czech Republik
Feature film
School Film