Rinnsteinpiraten | Gutter Pirates

Germany 1993, Animation, 10’ | Director, Screenplay, Production, Contact Christina Schindler | Animation Christina Schindler, Herdis Albrecht | DoP, Editor Tilmann Kohlhase | Music Rainald Hahn

A little boy folds a paper ship and lets it sail in the gutter. But when it starts to rain heavily, he runs into the house ... and the ship and its crew, three tiny pirates, sets sail on a long voyage. One adventure after the next, me hearties! –

Christina Schindler studied at the Kassel Academy of Fine Arts and has won many awards for her animated films. Since 1993, she has held a teaching post at the University of Film & Television »Konrad Wolf« Potsdam. Rated »highly recommended« by the German Films & Media Classification Board.

Christina Schindler
School Film