Der Maulwurf an der See | Krot Na More

Russia 2012, Animation, 5’ | Director, Screenplay, Editor Anna Kadykova | Animation Tanya Yatsyna, Roman Efremov, Dasha Kotova, Oleg Chusin, Anna Kadykova | Music Alexey Chizhik | Production Lyubov Gaidukova | Distribution School-Studio »SHAR«

Everyone’s off to the beach. By car, truck or rail. Even the mole is digging his way through. When he arrives, it’s all nice and peaceful. But then the masses show up. Wherever he happens to sticks his head out of the sand, there is no room for him. And only when the moonlight shines at night do things settle down, under all the rubbish left behind. – Anna Kadykova studied at the Russian State University for Humanities before training as a director in animation at SHAR School Studio.

Anna Kadykova
School Film