Age of Panic | La bataille de Solférino

France 2013, Feature film, 94’ | Director, Screenplay Justine Triet | DoP Tom Harari | Editor Damien Maestraggi | Sound Julie Sicart, Olivier Touche | Cast Laetitia Dosch, Vincent Macaigne, Arthur Harari | Production Ecce Films | Distribution Shellac

»What was exciting was that the activists in the Rue de Solferino thought that Laetitia’s enacted ›news‹ was genuine and even pushed behind her to get on to television. [...] The same applies to the dispute between Vincent and Laetitia after the announcement of the election results. The security guards of the PS (Parti Socialiste) believed that Vincent wanted to tackle a real TV journalist, and tried to bundle him out.« Justine Triet

Sunday, 6 March 2012, early in the morning. The television journalist Laetitia is going to cover the presidential elections. Just as she’s about to leave her home in the Rue de Solferino, her ex-husband Vincent appears. He has not yet overcome the separation, suffers from depression and wants to see his two daughters. In this charged atmosphere, a custody battle unfolds that takes on increasingly grotesque forms. Contributing to that chaos: two agitated young girls, a fraught babysitter, a lover, a lawyer and a Grande Nation torn between a new start and a deep depression.

»Justine Triet’s film debut [...] is thus a shattering but coherent portrait of today’s France caught between the public and the private spheres, madness and stagnation, nervous crisis and panic attack. [...] ›How are things? Bad, thank you‹. A reply that aptly summarises La bataille de Solférino.« Olivier Père, Arte

Justine Triet, born 1973, studied at the École nationale supérieure des beaux arts, the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. She has already made several films asking questions about the role of the individual within a group. In 2008, she produced Solférino – a documentary about the French presidential elections. In 2012, Vilaine fille mauvais garçon (aka Two Ships, her first short film) was awarded a PRIX EFA at the Berlin International Film Festival. La bataille de Solférino is Ms Triet’s first feature film.

Justine Triet
Feature film