11'e 10 Kala | 10 to 11 | 10 vor 11

Turkey/France/Germany 2009, Feature film, 110’ | Director, Screenplay Pelin Esmer | DoP Özgür Eken | Editing Ayhan Ergüsel, Pelin Esmer, Cem Yıldırım | Sound Kasper Munck-Hansen | Cast Nejat Is ̧ler, Mithat Esmer, Laçin Ceylan | Production Nida Karabol Akdeniz, Tolga Esmer, Pelin Esmer | Co-production Juliette Sol, Mustafa Dok | Distribution Peripher Filmverleih

»While Ali is prepared to start over and face the chaos of the new, the fragile little Mr Mithat – with those dark, alert eyes – remains the archivist of a culture of objects threatened with disappearance, the guardian of unheeded articles that, in only a few years time, will be mere crystals of the memory. In his apartment, the Analogue stands up to the all-consuming Digital, the last bastion of the slower-paced and the ineffective.« Alexandra Seitz

Mithat Bey lives on the fourth floor of an apartment block in Istanbul. He has managed up until now to protect his collections. Finds which he digs up in far-flung corners of Istanbul and then lets grow at home – ceiling-high. To his eyes, when he's out searching for new collectors' items, the city appears infinite. By contrast, Ali's world consists only of the house and its immediate surroundings. Ali came from rural parts to work in Istanbul as a janitor. One day when a demolition order is served on the house, their small world threatens to disintegrate. Mithat Bey (played by Pelin Esmer's Uncle Mithat) confronts this threat aggressively whereas Ali tries to get the best possible out of the situation. The building now determines the fate of the two last remaining residents: Mithat and Ali. Pelin Esmer succeeds in creating an act of affectionate if critical reverence to her hometown of Istanbul, a city caught between tradition and modernity, memory and forgetting, conservation and renewal.


Pelin Esmer was born and raised in Istanbul, where she majored in sociology before attending the cinema workshop run by Yavuz Özkan. Her first feature documentary Oyun (The Play), 2005 received many awards including Best New Documentary Film-maker Award at Tribeca Film Festival. Her first feature 11'e 10 Kala also received many awards at various festivals around the world. Pelin Esmer has lectured on documentary film-making in Istanbul and in 2005 she founded her own film company, Sine Film, there. The directors of the world’s leading film festivals named her one of the most promising film directors in: Take 100: The Future of Film: 100 New Directors (Phaidon). Her film Watchtower took part in the International Feature Film Competition for Women Directors at our film festival in Dortmund last year. This year, Ms Esmer is a member of the jury for the International Debut Feature Film Competition.

Pelin Esmer
Feature film
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