Boat Dreams

Great Britain 2010, 8' | Director, Distribution Sasha Andrews | DoP Martin Radich | Editor Lucas Roche | Music Grant Bridgeman | Production Nicola Clayton

What happens when the dream of owning your own boat turns into the albatross around your neck? Well, Boat Dreams portrays three characters whose DIY projects have got out of control. Since they are unable or unwilling to afford a boat that works, they spend their leisure time out in the countryside on boats in varying degrees of disrepair. A place for dreaming with no destination necessary, perhaps?


Sasha Andrews' themes are character-driven factual stories, in which subcultures comment on universal human issues in unexpected ways. Clare's Greenhouse, for example, is a documentary about a recycled plastic bottle greenhouse while See Sea is a silent film about the traditional Christmas Day sea swim off Brighton beach in South England. Her documentary film Sound Waves has been screened at numerous international film festivals and picked up the Best Short Film Award at SCinema, the Australian Science Film Festival.


Films by Sasha Andrews
Clare's Greenhouse 2009
 See Sea 2009
 Sound Waves 2008
 H2O 2008 Liveaboard 2007
 The Jimma – Nottingham Link 2007

Sasha Andrews
Great Britain
Documentary, Short Film
Focus: Now what