Germany 2010, 16’ | Director, Realisation, Contact Marit Östberg | DoP Leon Rad | Music MyKey, Noblesse Oblige, Pricilla Sucks | Cast Mad Kate, Pau Papell, Blond Stud

A woman is longing for her lover. Pictures come to her mind. She sees her lover and her lover’s lover, she wants to be where they are. She walks out of her dream, she walks out of her apartment. She knows where they are, she has the key. Share is a short porn about polyamorous love, jealousy and sharing.

Marit Östberg is a filmmaker. She has a background as queer feminist activist and journalist and has become a part of the queer feminist porn scene that has evolved in Europe in recent years, making films that pushes ideas of who and what porn might be for. Her films have been shown and discussed at various festivals around the world. Marit Östberg is also the critically acclaimed director of two of The Knife’s most recent videos.

Marit Östberg
Short Film
desired! - film lust & queer