Happy Profiling

Germany 2012, 5’ | Director, Screenplay, Sound, Editor, Produciton, Performer Wassan Ali | DoP Rita Macedo | Contact Wassan Ali

»Happy Profiling is an answer to letters and emails I got from the Postbank two years ago. The film is about ›terrorist lists‹ and about how arbitrary security measurements affect people based on what name they have. Not only are people put on ›terrorist lists‹ without being heard in a fair trial beforehand, but also people who have names similar to those on terroristlists are subjected to security measurements. The film wishes to bring forward a discussion on the legality of ›terrorist lists‹, and opposes that names are becoming inherently suspicious.« Wassan Ali

Wassan Ali is a light designer and has made several short films, the most recent one being Happy Profiling. She lives in Berlin.

Wassan Ali
Short Film
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