Dildotettonica per principianti | Dildotectonic for Beginners

Italy 2012, 13’ | Director, Screenplay, Production Slavina | DoP Ralph Cheskovitz | Editor Mary Naria | Sound Marco Messina | Music Pornophonic, Lady Marú e Cascao, Girl Talk | Cast Slavina, Riae Suicide, Ramon Diaz Cordoba, Tarek Voltan

Selma gives up her ordinary, romantic idea of love for a reality of ‘queer’ experiences and deep friendship. Inspired by Beatriz Preciado’s essay Terror Anal, the film is an ode to the dildo as a tool for pleasure and discovery, an unabashed propaganda for the re-appropriation of masculine anal sexuality.

Slavina is an Italian porn activist and multimedia artist living in Spain. Her career in the audiovisual field began in the nineties with the Roman collective, ‘Candida TV’. In 2005 she arrived in Barcelona and started working in mainstream pornography. Body politics, new sexual imagery, and the deconstruction of gender stereotypes are the issues she addresses in her videos, books, performances and workshops held all over Europe.

desired! - film lust & queer