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15–20 June 2021

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Video now online! Free the Gaze! Panel Discussion

The »9th discussion on the status of women* in film business and gender equity« was held on April… [more]

Video-Launch: Why are Women's Film Festivals important now?

In the midst of the COVID lockdown, 18 international women's film festivals responded to the… [more]

[Translate to English:] Dortmunderinnen stellen sich vor - Maxa Zoller

[Translate to English:]

Am 8. März war unsere Festivalleiterin zu Gast beim »Digitalen… [more]

New name, new look and a rescheduled festival date in June!

Now the time has finally come! We present ourselves with a new name, a more distinct profile,… [more]

After the festival is before the festival

After the festival is before the festival. This is true more than ever because this year the… [more]

Adiaha-Award 2020 for Tamara Dawit

Congratulations to Tamara Mariam Dawit, winner of the ADIAHA AWARD for her documentary feature… [more]